I had to stay after school today, it sucked. I was supposed to make up a test but she all of a sudden she had a meeting, go figure. I hate staying after school. Plus, the one day I stay after I have to have like a goddamn migraine. Ouch, I can barely keep my eyes open. I have another project in school where I have to pick a famous spanish person and do some report thing on them. Oh, yay. I have too many projects. I can't think of anyone, except like Selena, heh. J-Lo. But everyone will do those. I was trying to set up my little sister's basketball hoop and I failed miserably, lol. There's a good amount of parts that I didn't even think basketball hoops had. And, yeah, this Michelle chic needs to chill. Funny how she says I keep bugging her. I don't see what she's hoping to accomplish by posting in everyone on my friend's list journal, am I supposed to be angry/scared or something? Hmmm. And her little friends need to leave me alone and stop kissing her ass 'cause you think you can get some. Just because I don't like you anymore, Michelle, you don't need to get all crazy, damn. We've been over this. Anyways, tomorrow is Friday, finally. It sucked that I had to go to school this week, most schools didn't. School sucks. Suprisingly I think I'm getting good grades though.
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I think my mom changed the parental controls to "mature teen" again. Too bad she doesn't know that I know my dad's password so every time she changes it I go and switch it back. It's so annoying. Anyways, I'm eating chinese cookies! They're good, yum. My dad has a lot of chinese clients and he brings home all of this chinese candy that they give him, which is usually disgusting. 95% of all the different kind of chinese candy I ate is, uh, nasty. The cookies are good though. So are like.. eggrolls & wonton soup, lol (: I love my dad's chinese friends, they let me in the kitchen and eat all the ice cream muhahaha. But once I went back there and they had like 50 flies hanging from that sticky paper shit from the ceiling. Oh that's real nice >:\ I bought a new game for my PS2, NBA2k2. It has Allen Iverson<33 on the front. My grandmom also bought me Born In East L.A. from K-Mart for two bucks :D She works there & I get to use her awesome discount card! I go in the back room thingy at K-Mart, too.

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nothing good, i just wanted to update

hi, i'm eating cheese. i was just walking my dog, i think we have new neighbors. vinny (my dog) chased some little boy on a scooter all the way down the hill, hehe (: in school we have to pick out a song which has lyrics that relate to multicultralism for some project thing ... she said it didn't matter how obscene or what type of language it includes as long as we can relate it back to her class ... that's cool, right? so what song should i do?! any ideas? you can pretty much find some way to use any song ... i want to use a good one. anyways, i need to find a new website to host my pictures.

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crazyxblackxman on aim is long gone.
(since my p/w somehow disapeared)
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some sex thing (?)

Gender: female
Straight/Gay/Bi: straight
Married/Single/Attached: eh, in the middle of something
Age you lost it: 15
How many victims: 2
How long has it been: this summer
What are you wearing right now: a hoodie and sweat pants (i'm freezing)
Body part you're touching right now: my ear, i had an itch
Have you, or would you, anal: ha! NO!
Giver or recipient: neither, yuck
On top: no, bottom, heh.
Hard sex: no thanks
Phone sex: oh totally lol
Cyber sex: i'm *so* into that :\
Spanked: eh, no.
Whipped: no.
Blindfolded: no.
Tied up: no.
Candle wax: no.
Nipple cramps: no.
Fuck Bill Clinton: no.
Cigars: no.
Groupie: no.
Threesome: no.
Suffered the suction effect when having sex in a pool: say what? lol
Been caught masturbating: when i have wanted to be the person who took this thing before me was a weirdo, lmao
Been caught in public: no.
Had sex in front of people with out them knowing it: no.
farted during 69: lol! no.
Paid for sex: oh yes, all the time.
Would you pay X-Warlock for sex: wtf is that?
Fuck drunk: no.
Fuck a complete stranger: no.
Fuck a truck driver: no.
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Carrie: "I don't know why Jeff was so mean to me. I mean ... I was like the perfect girlfriend."
Me: *chokes on candy*
Carrie: "Well I WAS! Except for cheating on him a whole bunch. He deserved it though. He should have called me more."

She is an interesting girl.

(Heh,and michelle,if you're reading this,thanks for putting me in your survey,bitch,and periods go BEFORE the quotation.That is all.)
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